Hey, I am happy you are here!
This is the point where I should talk about me - but what I really want is talking about jewelry and I think
it tells a little about me too.
My goal is to create unique jewelry that is both artistic and wearable. My way of thinking: First the goal, then the path - this way my creativity is not limited. That's why I keep working on new production methods and materials. I believe that wearing jewelry is an expression of one's personality and emotions and I strive to create pieces that reflect that individuality. For me, organic shapes feel a lot more comfortable.
Some say that some collections look a little bit inspired by the greek culture and yes this is true - but I didn´t know until some said so. I love being by the sea, I love greece and all mediterranean things - so maybe this is why my jewelry will remind some of you of antique looks. But I'm also enthusiastic about Vienna and the culture and keep myself busy with it from time to time.

Imperfectness gives my work a natural and lively touch and natural forms are
much more authentic to me - ´cause life is not linear.


Since the longevity of my pieces is important to me, I only use high-quality precious metals. I get the recycled silver and gold from Vienna and I cast new material from old jewelry pieces by myself too. The diamonds I use are exclusively lab grown and if I use pearls they are old stock that I find at flea markets and unused jewelry.